Mudroom Wishes and Drop Zone Dreams

Hello! Not too much more progress on our reno this week. Rumor was that the rough-in plumbing would be completed but that didn’t happen, so currently figuring out what delayed that. In the meantime, I figured I would share my thoughts for our future mudroom. Sounds boring to people who already have one, but since the pre-reno version of our house consisted of a bench and some hooks at the front door, immediately followed by our dining room table, the concept of an entire space that is for shoes, coats and backpacks that I won’t have to look at while I eat dinner is incredibly exciting! Some photos of our previous situation and current interior state are below:

Not pretty, but this was our reality for 8 years!
View into the new mudroom from the kitchen, bottom picture is the current view with the floor pulled up for new plumbing

I put together a mood board with some ideas to make the new space pretty and functional:

1. I’ve been wanting to get some storage lockers for a while to keep things organized

2. A table like this would make a pretty drop zone

3. Durable, waterproof flooring is definitely a requirement with 3 kids!

4. Something similar to this color paint, neutral and cool

5. I’d like to at least start out with a nice rug, though I’m sure it would be replaced quickly once winter hits.

6. Maybe an artificial tree or plant for color since I’m unable to keep real ones alive? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Anyone else have a less than desirable drop zone situation? We are also considering tile floors in this area, any lessons learned on tile v. vinyl?

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