Well that went quickly….

Hello! It’s been a while, anyone else feel like the summer flew right by? Between sports and vacation and work and getting projects done around the house it feels like there is no way it should be over already.

One thing we did this summer was visit Nikki’s house! The kids had a great time playing together and I got to stay in the newly renovated guest room, which is even better in person than in photos. I also got to see her new windows, what a dramatic difference!

We also did a few projects around our house. We finished seeding the front yard last spring and actual grass grew, which was a bonus. I never got around to leveling the planter or mulching (really regretting the mulch because the weeds are amazing right now), but we did plant a shrub and the hostas and hydrangea I transplanted from the old planter are thriving. Here’s a photo from shortly after they were transplanted because the current situation is pretty embarrassing:

Even one hosta I accidentally planted upside down made it. Gardening is definitely not my thing 😅

Overall, I’d say the yard is looking better, not that it could have gotten much worse. This fall I’m committed to finally painting the front door. This is an older photo but I think it highlights the need for a pop of color on the house.

Another exciting project we finished was cleaning out the garage. Ok maybe not exciting to anyone but me, but it did enable us to get some projects done inside including building a mudroom storage area, which I can’t wait to share.

Garage cleaning in progress, still cant believe we filled an entire dumpster!
What a difference!

We also spent some time finally finishing spaces (including hanging things on the walls!) and planning out some other big projects including the guest room closet, the master closet, and the living room which I’m hoping to share over the next few months.

Hopefully everyone else had a fun summer too, anyone else take on big projects over the past few months?

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