Painting the front door

Since we are in the middle of planning a big project for our guest room closet, I decided that I would FINALLY paint the front door. It was looking pretty rough after construction since the contractor was not careful when they pulled the brick off the front of the house and damaged the storm door (they ended up replacing that) and the front door. They took ours to their warehouse and tried replacing it with a cheaper solid panel door, but since mine was relatively new I told them they could get ours and put it back up. That’s the nice version, and we’ll stick with that and take out all the parts where I was angry 😅😅😱

Left: Would-be replacement door, Right: Our original door, re-installed

Anyway. The house was also looking pretty boring (we really need to work on curb appeal!). I had decided a while back that I wanted something bright that would add interest and some color. I finally decided on green and put up some colors to see what I thought of various undertones during different times of the day.

These close ups really show how bad it looked!

Interesting how the second set of samples really looks blue in certain light! Definitely proves how important undertones are. After a few days (and a lot of indecision), I finally chose summer frolic by valspar. I went with semi-gloss since there are imperfections I didn’t want to call out (thanks contractor! 😖) but I also wanted it to be easy to wipe off. I did not go the extra mile and get test pots since it would have been easy enough to change if I decided it didn’t look right.

After that, the rest was easy. I won’t waste anyone’s time with a “how to paint your front door” tutorial since there are a million out there, but if you are looking for one, here is a good one. I just taped it off, picked up the brush and started painting.

Here is the finished result compared to before, so good!

Anyone else do any low cost, high impact projects recently?

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