Catch all Closet Organization

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know that we have started updating the downstairs closet. This closet was a huge mess, but it didn’t bother me. Until we cleaned the garage. Then I found a few containers of random items that needed to be stored there. Things that I didn’t want to get rid of, but there was definitely no space for them as the closet currently stood. And they couldn’t live in the garage anymore. So we decided to build some shelving that would fit the closet and make the space functional for what we needed. At least better than this:

In addition to the storage containers of additional items (mostly crafty stuff), I wanted a new home for the mess in the living room closet (the one remaining piece of the house from the old layout), which actually does bother me:

I know. 🙈 And there is a pile of games that doesn’t fit in that small closet just sitting in the downstairs bedroom too. So, we decided to tackle the downstairs closet next and wait on the living room and master closet.

We started by measuring it, and a general discussion of what we both wanted it to be when it was done. After we settled on that, we pulled everything out and demo’d what was there in a couple of hours:

After finding out how much easier it is while we were constructing the mudroom bench if the cuts are planned and having them do it at the store, my husband did the same thing this time.

After that, he started installing the shelving. Currently, its just about half done but I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out!

Top: view from outside the closet; Bottom left: View from side; Bottom right: view underneath the shelving

One item you can see in the above photo if you look closely is a really small bump out in the corner of the closet. This is another leftover of the plumbing nightmare during construction and houses brand new, abandoned plumbing (connected to the old main into the house). One day, I’ll never think of that again. Looking forward to that day 😅

Anyone else starting projects out of necessity?

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