Closet-Turned-Laundry Nook!

I have been wanting to share this with you guys for a long time, and last weekend we finally finished the space, sooooo… This week I’m sharing our new laundry room!!!!!

Okay, it’s actually a closet that we expanded a bit, but you can close the closet door and still fit inside (and open/close the washer/dryer doors). So that’s totally a room, right?! Haha.

The reason for the switch was to move our laundry to the second floor (think I mentioned these plans in my kitchen phase one post). Dee told me it would be life-changing (her renovation includes upstairs laundry – pictures to come in a future post ☺️), and she was right. It’s AMAZING!!! It’s literally across the hall from our bedroom in a spare closet we had in our guest room. Guests rarely stay in here anymore since we finished our basement guest room, so it was a perfect solution. It’s also conveniently located next to our kids’ bathroom (nearby water access) and a crawl space (near our front porch ceiling – so nearby outdoor access for venting). Win-win-win!

This is another project that my father-in-law helped with tremendously (he probably did 80 percent of it while we were at work, over about a week period). Remember, he did the bulk of our staircase update, too? We’re so lucky he’s so handy (and nice!). And that he doesn’t like to be bored… 😆

First, my FIL and hubs demolished the back of the closet and framed in new walls (note that the left closet already had an access panel to the crawl space).

Then we had the electrical lines installed (the original laundry outlets became a junction box, so a new line was continued from there to the new laundry nook).

Next the water lines from the bathroom were tapped into for the new laundry nook, using pex tubing and cinchers (they used this set for installation). I have no tutorials for these things, because code is different in different areas and every house is set up differently. Just hire professionals if you can’t safely do this (like we did when we removed load bearing walls). We had some handy helpers moving the new water lines into place. 😉

The coolest thing about this part of the process was that my FIL insulated the space behind the nook and added an insulated door, to help protect the new water lines (since the crawl space is unfinished).

Next they hung drywall and mudded the newly framed-in closet, eventually cutting appropriately-sized holes for a recessed outlet box, a new light switch, two new recessed lights, and the dryer vent.

Once the walls were finally ready for paint, we used the same color as our son’s room. Then the hubs tiled the floor, using the same tile and grout we used in the powder room.

Then the hubs installed baseboards… Tiny hands are great at getting grout off of tile (haha, just kidding- she wanted to “help”). 😆

We put a washer pan and vibration pucks under the washer in case it leaks, and because it basically shook the house during the spin cycle when it was on the first floor. The room sat like this for a few months. This is how I know the nook is still completely operable with the doors rehung, haha (note the closet doors pushed open to the left in the bottom pic).

On my FIL’s next trip out here, they installed the countertop. Apparently this was a pain to do and would’ve been much easier to do BEFORE putting the appliances in the nook. Oops… 😬 But I’m so glad they went through the effort, because it’s SO PRETTY and SO FUNCTIONAL!!!!

I immediately went out to get dispensers for the detergent and softener, and a cute ceramic utensil-holder for a mini trash can for lint. ☺️ Eventually I patched and re-painted the walls where they got beat-up during countertop installation.

Then I got a retractable clothesline, which is something I’ve wanted for YEARS! Even in our last house I wanted one in the worst way, just never pulled the trigger. I got this one because of the hooks, and for that I really love it. But it does slightly sag when you use it, so if that’s something that would bother you, you might want to try another type. Plus, this laundry hamper is perfect for the space, and shockingly huge.

We still haven’t re-hung the doors after taking them off to install the countertop, but I love getting to fully see the space. Thankfully the doors are easy to hang/remove. Maybe one day we’ll change them out for doors with glass? Maybe frosted or seeded glass?! We’ll see… All I know is I can’t wait until we’ve saved enough funds to tackle the kids’ bathroom now, haha 😄 (we removed the tub – which we never use – to get water access, but that’s a post for another day)!

Anyone else have their laundry room on the same level as the bedrooms? And is it life-changing for you, too?! 😄 Do tell!!

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