Finally organized!

Hello! Last week I shared the plans for getting the downstairs closet organized. Over the past week, my husband has been hard at work constructing the shelving (with a little help from me). We started by installing guides all the way up the wall for each shelf:

After that, we did a dry fit with all the shelves. He made the shelves by just connecting two pieces of MDF using the Kreg jig.

Once we had all the shelving in, we realized that the space to get things in and out from under the stairs would be really limited. We decided to cut the lower, wider shelves at an angle in the corner so there would be more space to maneuver things into and out of the storage space. This also meant cutting down the width of the support along the left side of the shelving. So my husband built a jig and got a little creative so he could make the cuts without help while I was at work.

Once that was done, the shelves were reinstalled and screwed into place. Then the trim was notched out at each shelf where the boards were angled (so it would look seamless) and trim was added to the shelving. Note that we went for the primed trim this time (the unprimed piece below was just used to check the angle before final cuts were made). Well worth the extra $0.50 it added to the bottom line of this project!

Here is the mostly finished product, we still need to caulk and paint but a huge improvement!

Here is the before, in case you forgot how bad it was:

What a difference! Anyone else get any organization in their life lately?

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