Finishing Touches

Hi there! What a crazy week it’s been! So between work and the endless onslaught of kid activities, I totally missed posting this last week. I wanted to share some of the updates we’ve been doing around the house. If you have been following us for any length of time, you know that I have been afraid to hang anything on my freshly painted walls (entire downstairs and upstairs hallway are painted watermarked by Sherwin Williams)…

Well, about one year and three kids worth of wear later and I’m no longer afraid 🤣🤣 My favorite room is the downstairs bathroom. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen this before but I’m seriously obsessed with it so here are some photos:

Something else we did was to finally put up under cabinet lighting. We had it wired with outlets in the cabinets and corresponding switches installed during construction and finally got around to adding the actual lights. It’s a huge change at night. Also, if you look closely at the photo below you can see my new favorite mirror:

And one last project that has made a HUGE impact that I love (shout out to my awesome handy husband!! 😍😍) is the wood cap he built for the ledge overlooking the stairs. What a huge impact for such a small change. Also, another example of how awesome the kreg jig and a little caulk are!

Top and bottom right: view of finished cap, bottom left: ledge after drywall was installed, it didn’t look much different after that except it was painted the same color as the wall.

Something else I’ve been thinking about: how awesome would a transom window be above the landing (behind the light in the photo above)?? 🤔🤔🤔 maybe a project for 2020…

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