Boys Room Update

Hey there, hope everyone is having an awesome Halloween! We are still chipping away at projects over here. In addition to building our mudroom bench and adding some organization to our spare room closet, we have also been working on adding some personality to the kids’ rooms. This has been fun for the boys especially, since they shared a room before we built the addition.

We started with my 9 year old’s room. It’s not quite done but its come a long way. Here it is shortly after we moved back in:

Here is what it looks like today (he chose everything we put up on the walls):

I love that he carefully arranged his Nintendo people (not sure what the technical term is 😂) on the “H” we put on the wall.

I would love to add some large shelves and get rid of the smaller shelving units, add a desk, and finally hang the curtains I purchased this room (I’m not as crafty as my sister who actually makes her own!). I also want to add a storage solution to the closet, hopefully we can get rid of the dresser eventually!

Anyone else updating rooms a little at a time? Its nice to take your time sometimes and make sure choices work for the space. I think a kid’s room is the perfect opportunity for this.