Our North Pole Closet.

It’s been a while, but this week I’m getting back to some house projects! I finally took advantage of an Mpix sale last week (my favorite site to order prints; I always get “metallic” paper for the best prints!), so I’m working on finally hanging more pictures in the basement. Since the basement living room is currently our bounce house room, I’ll be focusing on our basement stairwell and hallway for the new pictures.

I should have an update on that progress next week, but I figured in the meantime I could share our “North Pole” closet! It’s located under the stairs, with access in the same hallway I plan to hang some large prints.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I call it the “North Pole” because I store our Christmas decorations in it. I also store the rest of our seasonal decorations in it, so that way it’s all in one place. Very convenient!

Here’s a look at the before and after pictures of the closet:

Remember I painted the tile floor throughout the basement. I also decided to paint the walls the same color as our basement bathroom. I love the dramatic color for the small space, and that you can see it from the bathroom (albeit, barely- and it’s hard to capture a picture of it, haha). Below is a collage with a peak into the bathroom (lower left picture), and then looking from the bathroom into the closet (lower right).

That should help orient you with the hallway layout. But here’s another set of pictures looking from the back of the hallway into the guest room (left), and at the opposite end, looking from the guest room into the playroom (right). I LOVE the pop of pink you can see when looking into the playroom!

Also, doesn’t the closet look so much better with an updated doorknob?! It’s crazy to me how much doorknobs matter. Here’s another before/after that shows the doorknobs to save you from scrolling:

So good, am I right?! Obviously, the updated floors go a long way, too, haha!

Here’s a few more pictures of just inside the closet (the left picture shows the laundry nook across the hall, which leads to the kitchen).

The inside of the closet isn’t as exciting, and definitely isn’t as pretty. But it’s organized enough that I don’t need to dig to find anything. I put large labels on 2 sides of each box without obvious contents (e.g.: I didn’t label the ornament boxes because there’s no mistaking what’s inside them 😁).

But the hardest worker in the closet are these motion-activated battery lights I installed. These were a GAME CHANGER! I actually heard about these lights from the YHL podcast – love them!!

There’s no light installed in this closet, and I got sick of needing a flashlight to get something out. Lights are important, people – haha! I had to stand still for a while to capture them in “off” mode, but below you can see how I stuck one above the door and two under the stairs. I literally don’t have to do any work to get them to turn on – some are activated by opening the door, and the third turns on when I step into the closet.

Okay, that’s it for the North Pole! Getting excited to pull out the Christmas decorations soon… ☺️ Here’s a few more views into it from the laundry nook and hallway, because why not?!

Does anyone else have a North Pole closet? Or am I the only weirdo that insisted on storing all of our seasonal decorations inside one closet (no garage storage!)? 😂

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