East Coast Curb Appeal

One day until Turkey day – who’s excited?! I should just call it “cranberry sauce & pie day,” because that’s what I’m most excited about (okay, or “Thanksgiving”)! 😄

What I really wanted to share with you today are the changes my husband and FIL made to our roofline: they gabled our dormer windows!!

Remember when we replaced some windows and the house looked like this?:

Well now it looks like this!:

First, wow – it’s clearly autumn outside now, haha. But the house looks so much better with gabled windows, right?!

I didn’t get a lot of progress pictures taken because half of the project (an entire window) was completed while I was at work. But I got enough to give you a sense of the process used.

They started by framing out the structure and securing it to the roof:

At this point I KNEW it was going to look amazing!

Next, they added plywood for the face, sides, and roof, and started framing out the face with white PVC exterior trim board:

They used white aluminum flashing to cover the sides of the structure (shown cutting pieces from a roll of flashing below). The plywood on the face of the structure was painted in exterior white paint. Lastly, they stapled shingles to the roof (thankfully, we inherited a ton of extra shingles when we moved in).

Here’s the result after day 1 (Note: some of the roofline still had to be topped with the proper shingles):

It felt like she was winking at me, haha! Why hello, pretty house! 😉

The same process was used for the second window, and now we have so much more curb appeal! I LOVE the results!!

And again, a (much greener!) before picture to save you from scrolling:

As a reminder to this post (where I shared exterior lighting updates), my original vision for our roofline was this super rough sketch:

I’m not sure if we’ll get to change the porch roofline or not, but if we do, it won’t be until at least the springtime. And… it won’t span the length of the front porch, just centered over the picture window. But… I’d like the roof of the gable to be black metal instead of matching shingles. Plus… we would have to build new columns that are centered under the sides of the gable for visual balance. And… I’m thinking the new porch columns should be wood, with a decorative wood element at the peak of the gable to tie them together. Plus… now I really want to paint our brick white. 😂

So we’ll see… Don’t you love the ripple effect that house projects cause?! One thing looks better so you realize what else you want to change/fix! In this case, at a minimum I want to paint the brick white. Before I was on the fence, but now I’m certain!

What do you think – should we tackle the front porch roofline (and column) project?! The hubs thinks it might look awkward, but I think it would help draw your eye to the porch instead of the long garage, and add more curb appeal. So help me convince him he’s wrong weigh in with your opinion! 😄

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