How to Make DIY “Mistletoe” Ornaments.

Holy cow – it’s Christmastime!!! Preparations are well underway in our household (our cards came today – I’m weirdly excited to address them while watching movies this weekend 🤓)! I’m sure I’m in the minority for being excited about this stuff, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is getting cards in the mail, so I actually enjoy sending cards out, too! Or maybe I just get way too much joy from checking things off my to-do list?! 😂

Anyway, I figured this week would be a good time to share a DIY “mistletoe” project, because we’re still a few weeks out from Christmas and they make great gifts!

Supplies to make “mistletoe” ornaments:

  • White or off-white fabric
  • Green paint
  • Green fabric (felt works well)
  • Festive ribbon (fabric ribbon with wire edges to allow shaping works really nicely)
  • Twine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Thread or iron-on seam tape, or fabric adhesive
  • Permanent marker or fabric marker

I’m sure you can tell by looking at the picture exactly how I made these. They were super easy to do!

Steps to make “mistletoe” ornaments:

  1. Cover the bottom of your kid(s) right or left foot with paint and stamp onto white fabric. Tip: if you’re only getting prints from one kid, get one from each foot for variation. If getting prints from multiple kids, alternate which foot you stamp, based on size (again, this allows for nice variation in the finished product). Below is a picture of my oldest’s footprint (I got prints for each kid until I had enough for all of my ornaments, then moved onto the next kid):
  2. Cut around each footprint, leaving plenty of extra fabric. Lay over a piece of similarly-sized green fabric and sew them together (or use seam tape or fabric adhesive to attach), stitching closely around the actual footprint (see below).
  3. Cut the excess white fabric around the stitching. Then cut the green fabric to size, leaving enough green showing that it frames the footprint. Be sure to leave twice the amount of green fabric at the heel:
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re done! I used a different shade of green fabric for each kid, which I think made a really nice result. This is an especially good idea if you have multiple kids and their feet are similar in size, so you can tell which print belongs to each kid!
  5. Once all your footprints are framed out, stack them until you like the arrangement for a single ornament, and stitch (or attach) them at the heel (leaving room to thread your twine):
  6. Use your exacto knife to puncture a small slit through all footprints, above the attachment point:
  7. Thread some twine through the opening, so you have something to secure your festive ribbon to the ornament:
  8. Make a pretty bow with your festive ribbon, such that you leave a hole to hang it on a tree or around a doorknob. Tip: to make this step easier, wrap the ribbon around your ankle or something similar; tie a knot, followed by a bow. Then when you slip it off, an appropriately-sized hole to hang the ornament will be there.
  9. Use the twine to secure your bow to the “mistletoes”:
  10. Write a message on the back. You’re done!!

I love these ornaments so much!

I thought I would hang ours primarily on a doorknob or the tree, but I actually used a piece of tape to hang it over a doorway. SO cute!!!

Anyone else a weirdo like me and actually enjoy getting ready for the holidays?!

Pssst! For more handmade Christmas gift ideas, check out: this post for 3 more ornament ideas, and this post for a cookie platter using footprints as reindeer!

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