Dining Room Update

Hello there. I hope you had a less hectic couple of weeks than I did! Why does it seem like the closer to a holiday the busier everything is? Work, kid activities, everything happening at once…not sure how my sister can keep it all together, even getting some cute crafts done!

I wanted to share an update of our dining room/front door space. Since we built the mudroom bench, we shifted things that were previously in that space around a bit and also we finally hung some curtains! It seems like such a small change but it really adds so much texture and also a little height to the room.

Eventually, I’d like to either put a bar cabinet under the window or possibly another seating area with a small table. I do like having the coat tree next to the door, even though we dont use that door much it’s very handy for extra coats we have lying around, especially in between seasons.

Also, I’m loving that we finally had time to hang some pictures. I’m really happy with how the Disneyland one came out, I took all three of these with my cell phone and printed them on mpix when I had a coupon.

Another update, sort of related since the dining room, kitchen, and living room are all one space….I finally moved the kids games into the downstairs bedroom closet and reclaimed the living room closet!

Next up for this space…we are going to try and figure out the living room over the next month, exciting because it involves installing a FIREPLACE!!! Anyone else have experience installing one? Pros and cons of gas vs. electric?