East Coast 2019 Project Report

Happy New Year! So is it just me, or has it been harder to adjust getting back into the swing of things after the holidays this year? I took almost a full 2 weeks off of work this year (which was amazing), but I’m still having a tough time adjusting to being back to a normal schedule. I’ve started doing some new house projects, but I actually enjoy doing that, so not sure if it counts… 😆

Anyway, I thought for my first post back after taking a break for the holidays I would recap how I did against my 2019 goals!

Here’s what I set out to do in 2019:

  • Finish painting the basement floor: A+. This was actually several projects that took me many days to accomplish (thanks to starting 2019 with water damage), but the end result is SO worth it!! Here’s where I shared most of the progress, and here’s a sneak peak of the stenciled kitchen tiles:
  • Paint all of the basement baseboards, doors & door trim: A+. Another goal accomplished!! Again, this took forever, but made a huge difference in having a more finished looking and welcoming basement. I just took this project one room at a time, so you can see the difference in my basement room reveals, but here’s an example before/after of what I was dealing with down there (look at how yellow the baseboards looks in comparison to the freshly painted door trim in the lower right picture- ugh!):
  • Paint the basement living room and stairwell: A+. Another project well worth it, and a good lesson in paying attention to undertones of paint since this was a redo of the original color I picked (the progress shot below shows how purple the original gray looked – whoops!):
  • Finish the main Guest Room in the basement: A+. This room gets a lot of use since our family lives in Michigan, so typically when someone visits it’s for more than a weekend. I was really happy to finish this space out with some bonus storage for guests. Although I think my favorite parts are the pretty doorknobs and deer IKEA prints. Details, details!!
  • Tackle the second Guest Room in the basement: A+. Look at me, checking off the 2019 projects! Haha. I finished our second guest room downstairs to pull double duty as a playroom and spoiler alert: good decision!! The kids love this extra space (especially after we plugged in the fire stick – yea, you only make the mistake of not immediately implementing parental controls after one crazy day of kid purchases… 🤣). Other than the $20 we involuntarily paid for kid movies and shows, this space has paid off for us! And the tv stand has deeper storage than our normal toy bookshelves, so it’s also the perfect place for our train tracks and hot wheels tracks. And I am OBSESSED with the pretty pink rug, and view into our basement living room with another pretty (purple!) rug! Okay… clearly I can talk a lot about our playroom – hah!
  • Finish the Workout room: D. See? I am human! Haha. All I managed to do in here was fix tiles that sustained water damage. Other than that, it has turned into my Monica closet – except it’s an entire room! No, I don’t have a picture of it like that, but here it is as I was fixing the floor:
  • Hang a new railing & picture gallery in the basement stairwell: A+. Woot, woot! Another project done! And the kids are still having fun pointing themselves out in pictures (I am still loving seeing some of my favorite memories from our trip to Maine framed, too)!
  • Put the ping pong table together: A-. So, we did this, but we haven’t played any ping pong yet… I blame the bouncy house. It’s such a space hog, lol!
  • Finish the living room built-ins: A+. Another project completed! The only thing left was to finish making the cabinet doors and installing them, but the last 10 percent of every project is the hardest, right?! Plus, look how pretty she looks all finished now:
  • Paint the front porch. F. I’m actually not even sure I still want to paint the front porch. After replacing our windows, I’m thinking we should paint the brick white and just have a white and black house with pops of wood and a blue/green front door!
  • Paint the front door. F. Grrrrr… I really want to do this project. I think not having a storm door is holding me up? I feel like it has to be perfect weather outside since the front door literally has to be wide open while I’m painting it and it’s drying (otherwise the seal will touch wet paint when we close the door). So… I guess that’s a reasonable excuse for still not doing this?? Haha.

We did do some extra projects in 2019 that we hadn’t planned for, like:

Most of those unplanned projects were done because my FIL helped my husband do them (and he did the majority of the work while my husband was at work), so a huge shout out to my FIL for helping us with so many projects in 2019! We really did a lot in 2019; can’t wait to see what 2020 brings! I have lots of ideas already, so I’ll share my 2020 goals next week!