2020 East Coast Project Goals

Confession: I started writing this post as goals for 2019. Apparently I’m still not used to being in a new decade... haha!!

Anyway, the sentiment still stands that after tracking my progress against my 2019 project goals last week, I’m weirdly excited to set new goals for this year! Probably because I love making lists – I find it so satisfying to check items off of lists, haha! 🤓

Okay, enough rambling – here are my project goals for 2020, in no particular order:

  • Paint the front door a bright, cheery color like Dee. I failed miserably at this for years now (I’ve been talking about it since we moved to this house in summer of 2016!). Hopefully THIS is the year I’ll finally tackle it!

  • Organize our pantry shelves, and actually use the space for food items. Ummm… yea… File this space under “that’s embarrassing” because these shelves became a drop spot for EVERYTHING since moving in. The top shelves have been used to hide snacks from the kids out of their reach, but otherwise it’s been used for tools, broken items, toys we want to keep out of reach for use under our supervision (I’m looking at you – SLIME!!!), shoes, and everything in between. Here’s a picture of the pantry area so you can see what I’m talking about: I’m definitely planning to splurge on clear canisters for our baking ingredients with labels. I’ve wanted to do this for 10 years. It’s time. 😄 Kinda like this: via Homganize

  • Turn our old laundry room into a bonifide mudroom for allllll of the shoes, coats, backpacks, hats, mittens, etc., etc. It’s actually located across from the pantry shelves, so storing our shoes and coats in an actual room with dedicated storage for EACH person in the house will be both convenient and a HUGE upgrade! Not to mention, we’ll have the capability to close the door and hide our mess!! (Unlike the shameful pantry situation we’ve been living with for over 3 years, haha!). Plus, we currently walk into our house through our garage, take our shoes off at the pantry, then walk to the front door to drop off everything else. Guys – this is dumb!!! Lol! Here’s a view of our future mudroom, with the cabinets open for extra scare factor, lol (still not sure what to do with our old dryer – we might move it to our laundry area in our basement. Reminder of our new laundry nook here): And here’s an inspiration image so you know what I’m thinking for the room: via Clark and Aldine.

With organization for keys, charging devices, and schedule/to-do reminders, similar to this:  via HavenMadeHome

  • Refresh our front door entryway. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do here after the mudroom is done, but I want it to be a more welcoming space for our guests. I’m actually using our old front entry as inspiration:

  • Paint our basement kitchen cabinets. So, last year I found this image on Pinterest and basically died. via This Old House

It’s the PERFECT vibe for what I want for our basement kitchen! I LOVE the cabinet color and whimsical vibe. Am I a little annoyed that green cabinets seem to have blown up all over the internet since then? Yes. But I still love the look, so I’m going for it anyway. 😁

  • Install a backsplash in our basement kitchen. This will most likely be a peel and stick subway tile or faux brick (because I’m boring, but I know what I like 😂), since the room doesn’t get heavy use. I just want an affordable and pretty upgrade!

  • Upgrade the basement kitchen sink, faucet, and hardware. Snowball effect. Also, I really want a black sink, and am in love with the idea of getting a noise softening one (something about the material dampens the sound), because water running in our sink downstairs sounds like a jet is taking off. And our guests stay downstairs, so I think they would appreciate the upgrade! Haha. Here’s a little mood board I made to see it all together:

  • Make some banquet seating, and repurpose an old table for a nice seating area in the basement kitchen. Have you all read Ashley’s IKEA hack banquette?! Yeah… I’m definitely stealing her brilliant hack idea for some easy benches with storage! If you squint, you can see it! 😄

  • Finish our workout room. I need to figure this room out. First off, it’s filled with things (but I’m too lazy to walk downstairs and take a picture, lol)… Second, I’m having a hard time with motivation because it’s cramped in there with the ping pong table (which I refuse to part with, because one day, our kids WILL outgrow their glorious bounce house! 😄). So we’ll see. Wish me luck on this room, lol!!

  • Build a cute frame for our daughter’s bed. I’m thinking something like this: via My_FantasyRoom. So cute, right?!

  • Lastly, I’d love to organize our garage. We’ve had glimpses of organization here and there, but all the stuff in the pantry, workout room, and future mudroom will have to go SOMEWHERE, right?! Haha. Hopefully, I can donate and purge a ton of stuff, but there are definitely areas of the garage with piles of things we need to sort through and donate, purge, or organize.

Okay, that’s 12 projects, and with the holidays basically taking up 2 months of my time every year, I feel like that’s an ambitious but doable list, so I’m stopping here!

Now let’s see how long it takes to actually tackle something… haha!